Founded: July 2, 2016


We are a grassroots, people powered campaign. We are here to serve the Four Pillars of Justice- Social, Racial, Economic and Environmental Justices, while showing up and standing with the residents of District 13. We are a campaign for District 13 which puts your voice and concerns at the center of our work. (District 13 is: Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, Atwater Village, Glassell Park, Koreatown.)

Our campaign believes is serving the basic rights and dignities of Angelenos: -Affordable, mixed income housing; -Finding permanent and multi layered solutions to take care of our homeless residents; -Move our city to 100% renewable energy infrastructure -Take care of our most vulnerable residents by standing strong on the platform that we are a Sanctuary City and then creating tangible actions to protect our immigrant brothers and sisters. Our campaign seeks to utilize our local power- so that we break the promises of our current national administration. Join us as we take our grassroots, people powered campaign to the streets of District 13. We have an incredible opportunity to band together, raise our collective voices and, locally, fight for the progressive values we hold so dear as Angelenos, Californians, Americans, and citizens of a Global community. When we fight together, we win!

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Jessica Salans is a candidate for Los Angeles City Council District 13. After cutting her teeth as a volunteer for Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign through the volunteer group Glendale 4 Bernie, Salans has repeatedly proven herself to be a candidate of and for the people. She has built a team of dedicated volunteers and staff, and has successfully run a grassroots campaign to reach her constituency.

Inspired by Bernie’s call for a political revolution, Jessica Salans has taken the initiative and built herself as a true leader with her run for City Council. By putting people at the center of her campaign, she has aligned herself to stand against corporate influence. She has stood up for her community on homelessness, working tirelessly to craft a more fair and equitable society that prioritizes correcting the injustice of homelessness in Los Angeles. She is a strong advocate for racial justice, pushing Los Angeles to become a Sanctuary City in name and in practice.

She stands with community groups and fellow activists demanding police reforms to curb unnecessary violence, as well as prioritizing mental health in the criminal justice system. She seeks to equip her community for success by offering vocational resources and offering tuition free higher education. She strives for a healthy Los Angeles and California by backing comprehensive healthcare reform in the form of universal healthcare in Los Angeles, especially relevant when studies have estimated that California would save $8 billion in its first year if universal healthcare were enacted. In addition, she wants to move to 100% renewable energy and transform the Los Angeles public transportation infrastructure and have the permanent shut out of Alison Canyon. Jessica Salans is exactly the type of individual that is needed for progressive revolution at the city council level.

She can and will represent her community with integrity, standing always with their interests as her guide.