Founded: January 1, 2015


Rootskeeper advocates against toxic fossil fuel extraction methods by developing grassroots leaders and networks. In support of this, we also plan and carry out strategic, high profile actions that move the needle towards a 100% renewable clean energy economy, and a just and sustainable future for all people.

The victory of the anti-fracking movement in New York demonstrates how crucial grassroots power is if you want to beat the fossil fuel industry. Members of our team were there, and saw up close how community power building can move mountains. There is currently a huge opportunity to stop extreme energy extraction in California, and get the state on a path to 100% renewable energy. But to seize this moment, we’ll need to encourage grassroots activism on a far greater scale than ever before.

Rootskeeper identifies, trains, mentors, and connects grassroots leaders to give them the skills they need to be the leaders they themselves would follow. Rootskeeper also works to advocate against the worst practices of the fossil fuel industry.